Remembering WWII

My great-grandmother, Ann Bell, was a German who moved out of Germany after Hitler took power, even though she would not have been killed or treated badly by the Third Reich. She and her two small children, Ruth-Ann and Fredrick, moved to a small house in Miami so live a peaceful life. However once America got involved in the war, their story drastically changed. Ann and her children, because they were German, were forced to move away from the beach, give up all their electronics including radios, TV’s (if they had one, I’m not sure if they did), their telephone, and even their mail privileges. They were forced to stop speaking German and were threatened with imprisonment if they were caught breaking the rules placed upon them by a wartime government. Although they were treated badly, my grandma made it a point that neither her, her mother, or brother were bitter about their treatment. They understood why they were being treated this way and understood the potential threat they posed, being German citizens and who knew maybe even spies to people that didn’t know them. 


About caitlineichlin

History major at California State University San Marcos and aspiring high school history teacher.
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